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 Call (Closed)

University of Karlsruhe

 Call for Participation (Closed)

Workshop on ‘Situated Interaction in Ubiquitous Computing’ at CHI 2000, 3rd of April 2000

 The Call is Closed and all Submissions are Reviewed!


This workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners who are concerned with design, development, and implementation of novel interfaces for mobile devices and environment-based appliances.

The availability of sensing technology provides the opportunity to include information about the situation of use as well as the surrounding environment (e.g. location, proximity, physical conditions, social setting, context, etc.) in human computer interaction. Situated interaction is especially attractive for mobile devices that are used while on the move e.g.

  • PDAs
  • wearable computers
  • smart mobile phones,

and for shared appliances in common spaces, e.g.

  • city information systems,
  • ticket machines,
  • self-service check-in counters.

The main goal of the workshop is to develop an understanding of how the situation of use does influence the interaction process.


  • Adaptation of input and output to the situation
  • Reducing need for input and output by usage of situational context
  • Choosing interruption time and mode appropriate to the situation
  • New interaction metaphors that include situation and context
  • Design rules and principles for context-aware applications
  • Mobile user interfaces that make use of there environment and surrounding
  • Studies of adaptive and situation-aware UIs
  • Mechanisms and technologies to provide information about the context
  • Experience with context-aware applications
  • User-interface agents and active user-interfaces
  • Context-aware CSCW and groupware
  • Adaptive interfaces for users with disabilities


28 January 2000 Extended Abstracts and Position papers must be received
4 February 2000 Submitters will be notified of selection
3. April Workshop at CHI2000


Albrecht Schmidt, Telecooperation Office (TecO), University of Karlsruhe, Germany
Walter Van de Velde, Starlab Nv/Sa, Belgium
Gerd Kortuem, Department of Computer Science, University of Oregon, USA


We encourage submissions from researchers and practitioners in academia, industry, government, and consulting. Students, researchers and practitioners are invited to submit an extended abstract (about 2000 words) describing original work or a position paper (about one page). Participants will be selected based on their submissions; a selection of extended abstracts will be presented at the workshop.

The results of this workshop will be published in a special issue of the Spinger Journal ‘Personal Technologies’. This issue will include a selection of short papers presented at the workshop. After the workshop all authors will be invited to resubmit their abstracts as short papers to be reviewed for inclusion in this special issue.

Authors of accepted papers will be expected to present their work at the workshop. All attendees must register for the CHI 2000 conference.


The submissions will be available online and they will be distributed to the participants of the workshop. During the poster session at CHI2000 the results will be presented and also in the SIGCHI Bulletin a summary of the workshop will be published.
The results of this workshop will be published in a special issue of the
Springer Journal 'Personal Technologies' ( Following the workshop all authors of extended abstracts will be invited to resubmit their abstracts as short papers to be reviewed for inclusion in this special issue. The review committee will consist of 10 recognized leaders of the HCI community and related fields.

For questions and further information, please contact

Albrecht Schmidt
Telecooperation Office (TecO)
University of Karlsruhe
Vincenz-Priessnitz-Str. 1
76131 Karlsruhe (Germany)

Phone: +49 721 6902-29
Fax: +49 721 966 3418

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