Imagine being an alchemist in the middle ages trying to produce gold out of mystic ingredients: Lux, spells and magic motions. These ingredients are used to produce “Context Nuggets” through a secret formula known only by you. Unfortunately, you cannot use the ingredients you produce yourself. Instead, you have to trade ingredients with other alchemists - one of your lux for one of their lux, one of your magical motions for one of their magical motions and one of your spells for one of their spells…

Context Nuggets are created based on your magic formula. At the end of the day the alchemist with the most nuggets is the winner.



To play Context Nuggets you firstly have to go to the demo desk and get a Smart-Its device and your login details of the game’s webpage. Once you have obtained your game materials, visit the game’s webpage and log in:
To log in, enter your alchemist name and the password to the web interface and press the “login” button. On the login screen you also find the current highscores and a game graph that will be explained soon.



Generating ingredients for the golden Context Nuggets happens “magically” by detecting the environmental context of the alchemist wearing a Smart-It. Sensing light level results - after a certain time - in producing a unit of lux; likewise, sensing movement (acceleration sensor) and sound (microphone) result in magic movements and spells respectively. So, for producing ingredients you can trade you have nothing to do but wandering around and letting your Smart-It collect context for you.



Trading of ingredients with other alchemists is done automatically by your Smart-It every time you are close to another alchemist your Smart-It tries to trade one of your ingredients for one of the other’s.



Every time you have traded enough ingredients to be in the possession of the combination of ingredients you have specified in your magic formula one golden Context Nugget is produced.



Your personal screen is your alchemist’s laboratory here you can see your possession of Context Nuggets, compile your secret magic formula and watch the progress of the game (see figure below).



The secret formula describes how many of the ingredients are needed for creating a nugget and therefore determines your strategy for the game. A total of 7 units of the 3 ingredients are required, where at least one lux, one magic motion and one spell is needed. The 4 remaining units you can allocate arbitrarily, based on a good guess of what will be the most available ingredients. When you have chosen a magic formula and entered it to your personal screen, press the “Upload formula” button (1). You can adjust you magic formula at any time during the game.


Your personal screen offers the option to change your password. Just press the “Change passphrase” button (4) and enter a new password. By pressing the “Material and Formula” button you come back to your personal screen.

If you have lost your password come to the game masters and let them reset it for you. You will not lose your traded ingredients or golden Context Nuggets in doing so.



By pressing the “Download state” button (2) on your personal screen you can display the number of ingredients you have collected, the number of golden Nuggets you have already produced and the magic formula actually stored on your Smart-It. Use this to check whether your magic formula was uploaded correctly and to get hints on how the formula can be optimized.



By pressing the “Download new trades” button (3) on your personal screen you can view statistical information on the trades you already performed during the run of the game. The overall trading history as well as your personal trading history are displayed in different graphs (see figure below) on the lower part of your personal screen. You can customize the views of these graph by setting a new start and end time (1) and a custom scaling factor (2) which defines the interval between two shown data elements. Finally, press the “Refresh” button (3) to reload your personal with the new graphs.

Your should regularly download your new trades to keep the statistics for all players up to date.



At the end of the day, all alchemists gather again to determine who has produced the most golden Nuggets and therefore is the winner of the game of Context Nuggets for the day. The game ends at a time that is announced by the game masters. At this time all alchemists have to update their states for a last time. Then the game states and analysis are presented in the plenum of all players and the “alchemist of the day” is announced.