Online Proceedings - Workshop on Handheld CSCW

  Moving Between Personal Devices and Public Displays   (html)
Saul Greenberg and Michael Boyle, University of Calgary, Canada
  Collaboration Using Multiple PDAs Connected to a PC   (html)
Brad Myers, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  Handheld CSCW   (pdf)
Albrecht Schmidt, Markus Lauff and Michael Beigl, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
  Pagers, Pilots and Prairie Dog: Recent Work with Mobile Devices at Lotus Research   (html)
Kamal Ayad, Mark Day, Steve Foley, Dan Gruen Steve Rohall and
Quinton Zondervan, Lotus Research, Cambridge MA, USA
  Spatial Conferencing using a Wearable Computer   (ps)
Mark Billinghurst, University of Washington, USA
  Supporting Group Collaboration with IPAD:s - Inter-Personal Awareness Devices   (html)
Lars Erik Holmquist, Viktoria Research Institute, Gothenburg, Sweden
  Supporting Social Awareness on the World Wide Web   (pdf)
Olivier Liechti, Mark Sifer and Tadao Ichikawa, Hiroshima University, Japan
  Your mobile computer is a stationary computer   (html)
Fredrik Ljungberg, Viktoria Research Institute, Gothenburg, Sweden and Steinar Kristoffersen, Norwegian Computing Center, Norway
  Supporting Collaboration in Mobile-aware Groupware   (ps)
Keith Cheverst, Gordan Blair, Nigel Davies and Adrian Friday, Lancaster University, UK
  NotePals: Sharing and Synchronizing Handwritten Notes with Multimedia Documents   (html)
James A. Landay, Richard C. Davis, Victor Chen, Jonathan Huang, Rebecca B. Lee, Francis Li, James Lin, Charles B. Morrey III, and Ben Schleimer, University of California at Berkeley, USA, Richard C. Davis, Virtual Ink Corporation
  Collaborating over Electronic Books   (pdf)
Bill N. Schilit, FX Palo Alto, USA, Catherine C. Marshall, Xerox PARC, USA and Morgan Price, FX Palo Alto, USA
  Enabling CollaborativeWork: A Work in Progress   (ps)
Elaine Hyder and Jane Siegel, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  Handheld CSCW in a learning environment   (html)
Kori Inkpen, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby BC, Canada
  Exploring Handheld, Agent-based, Multimodal Collaboration   (pdf)
David R. McGee and Phil Cohen, Oregon Graduate Institute, USA
  Mobile CSCW with Handheld Controller    (html)
Joseph Reynolds, Tracor Aerospace, Austin TX, USA
  Palmtop Collaboration: Problems and A Few Solutions   (html)
William E.Riddle, Software Engineering Institute, Pittsburgh, USA
  WorldBoard: Supporting Collaboration with Just-in-Place Information 99 (html)
Sonny E. Kirkley, Annie Lang, Jennifer M. Bauer and Martin Siegel, Wisdom Tools Group, Indiana University, USA
  Designing for Informal mobile Cooperation   (html)
Magnus Bergquist, Henrik Fagrell, Peter Ljungstrand and Marius Storsten, Viktoria Research Institute, Gothenburg, Sweden
  Position paper for CSCW 98, workgroup on Handheld CSCW   (html)
Arne Munch-Ellingsen, Pål Malm, Jan Grav and Lilly Ann Stenvold, Telenor, Tromsø, Norway
  HCSCW workshop position paper   (html)
Colleen Page, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, USA
  Middleware for Development of CSCW Handheld Applications   (ps)
Jürgen Dittrich and Thomas Becker, GMD FOKUS, Berlin, Germany
  Mobile collaborative work   (html)
Eva-Lotta Sallnäs, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
  Some Issues in the Design of User-Interfaces for Collaborative Wearable Computers   (html)
Gerd Kortuem, University of Oregon, USA