BADEN STATE MUSEUM Come to the Castle
Not only due to its magnificient location in the castle, which has been built in the style of Versailles, the Baden State Museum is in the centre. The centre of our fan is a popular aim for all those who like to marvel! The extravagant temporary exhibitions are especially popular with the Karlsruhe citizens and their guests.
The permanent exhibitions are worthwhile viewing. Marvel at the archeological finds dating from prehistoric and ancient historic times and let the entire history of art, from antiquity to this day, pass before your eyes. The collection of Turkish trophies as well as the numismatic cahinet are sure to take you on a voyage through time. Furthermore, the history of the town, the castle, and the tower are documented in the "Zähringersaal" of the Baden State Museum. Opening hours: Tue, Thur, Sun 10 am to 5 pm, Wed l0 am to 8 pm. From 1 pm to 2 pm daily, only the Medievel and Antiquity sections as well as special exhibitions are open. Admission: DM 5,– for adults, DM 3,– with discount, school classes free. Admission is valid also for the "Museum heim Markt" and the "Majolika Museum". Guided tours by appointment. Tower: Tue and Thur to Sun l0 am to 5 pm. Wed l0 am to 7 pm (in winter until dusk). Tel. 926 65 14 or 65 42. Tramway: all lines, stop at "Marktplatz".
Up the tower you go!
After enjoying all of art in the Baden State Museum do not miss the most beautiful view in Karlsruhe. Climb up the castle tower. Here you are standing exactly in the middle of the legendary fan shape and ran look over the whole town from a height of 42 m. Nowhere else can you get such a clear perspective of Karlsruhe's layout than from the lookout platform of the castle tower. All 32 streets of the fan lay before you. Beyond them you can see the Black Forest, the "Kraichgau" region, and all the way to the hills of the Palatinate Forest. On clear days that is an unforgettable experience.
MUNICIPAL GALLERY IN THE INDUSTRIAL BUILDING HOUSE A (ZKM) Lichthof 10. In the industrial building house on which a preservation order is put, the gallery was given a new home in 1997 with more space for the extensive art collections of the city. On the ground floor there are special exhihitions and the forum of action, on the first and second floors you can see Baden art since l850 and German art since l 945. One of the highlights is the collection Garnaltz with key works of Germam art since l960! Opening hours: Thur to Sun l l am to 6 pm. Wed 11 am to 5 pm, closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Admission fee: DM 5,– for adults, DM 3,– with discount (groups of 10 or more persons as well). Children up to 15 years and classes with accompaniment are free. Annual ticket DM 30,–. Tramway: line 5, stop at "Lessingstraße". Bus: line 55, starting at "Hauptbahnhof", stop at "Brauerstraße". Tel 1 33 44 011 and l 33 44 11.
STATE ART GALLERY AND ORANGERY Hans-Thoma-Straße 2. Painting galleries with European master-pieces from the 14th to the 20th century, children's museum with an arts and crafts and painting room. Opening hours: Thur to Fri 10 am to 5 pm, Sat, Sun and holidays until 6 pm. Admission: DM 5,–, DM 3,– with discount, school children free. Tel. 926 33 55 and 926 33 70 (educational information). Tramway: all lines, stop at "Europaplatz".
THE "MUSEUM BEIM MARKT" As an annex to the Baden State Museum the "Museum beim Markt" presents exhibits of the applied arts of the 20th century. Between the Pyramid and the castle this extraordinary
museum covers the entire range from the turn of the century until today on about l.600 qm of floor space. Leading artists are represented, as are craftsmen and women and designers. The incredible progression from Art Nouveau to Postmodernism is thouroughly documented by means of' breathtaking and unique exhihits. The permanent collection is supplemented by temporary exhibitions, film, and lectures. Karl-Friedrich-Straße 6. Opening hours: Tue and Thur to Sun l0 am to 5  pm. Wed 1:30 pm to 5 pm. Tel 9 26-64 94. Admission: DM 3,– or together with the Baden State Museum and the Majolika Museum.
CITY MUSEUM PRINZ-MAX-PALAIS Karlstraße l0. Permanent exhihition of the history of the town from the foundation until now. Exhihits with subjects such as royal court and town of subjects. Baron von Drais, fate of the town between the world wars, town model "Karlsruhe 1834". Special exhihitions.
BADEN ART SOCIETY Waldstraße 3. Special exhihits of contemporary art. Opening hours: Tue to Sun l0 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm. Thursdays also from 7 pm to 9 pm. Admission: DM 4,– for adults, DM 2,– for school children/apprentices/students and groups of 10 or more persons. Free for handicapped persons, senior citizens, unemployed persons. School groups, and members. Tel.
2 82 26. Tramway: all lines (except 2), stop at "Herrenstraße".
STATE MUSEUM OF NATURAL SCIENCES Friedrichsplatz, Museum for Natural Sciences and vivarium. Exhihits with fossils and minerals, prehistoric animals. Vivarium with reptiles, arnphibian, fish and invertebrates. Opening hours: Tue to Sat 10 am to 4 pm. Sundays and holidays l0 am to 6 pm. Admission: DM 5,–, DM 3,– with discount, DM 10,– for a family ticket, DM l,– for school children.
Tel. 17 51 11. Tramway: all lines, stop at "Marktplatz".
LITERATUR MUSEUM OF THE UPPER RHINE Prinz-Max-Palais, Karlstraße 10. Opening hours: Tue to Fri l l am to 5 prm, Wed l l am to 9 pm. Pictures, books and manuscripts from one millenium of poetic accomplishment along the Upper Rhine. Many first editions, photos and documents in speaking fascinate literary friends. ln additicon to permanent exhihitions there are always lectures, performances and other events. Admission free. Tel. 84 38 I S. Tramway all lines, stop at "Europaplatz".
(C) text by Verkehrsverein Karlsruhe