AIMS AND SCOPE Over the last years, we have seen the development of computing technologies towards truly personal devices. Innovative handheld and wearable computers and appliances are designed to be small and unobtrusive, and so to be usable most of the time and in most circumstances. Examples of handheld and wearable personal technologies range from already mass-marketed palm computers and smart mobile phones to special purpose appliances such as health monitors and navigation aids.

Complimentary to this development are advances in ubiquitous computing toward computerisation of our everyday environments, to make artefacts of our surrounding world computationally accessible, and to use the environment as ubiquitous interface to information and computing. Examples for this development are smart environments, web browsers embedded in consumer electronics for ubiquitous information access, and networked appliances in homes, vehicles and public spaces. While in contrast to personal technologies, the motivation for ubiquitous computing is much the same: computing support in all situations of our everyday life, anywhere and anytime.

The aim of this symposium is to bring together researchers and practitioners from different communities who share the vision of computing support in all situations of our everyday life. The symposium will investigate personal and environment-based technologies in the context of innovative applications, with thematic focus on "Interaction with Environments", "Information Appliances", and "Handheld CSCW".


Interaction with Environments

Interaction with Environments
This theme is aimed at investigation of the role of real-world environment as context, as facilitator, and as mediator in computing systems. The goal is to analyse systems that have an awareness of their surrounding environment beyond mere location-awareness, and applications that integrate artefacts of the surrounding environment to make them computationally accessible, or to use them as interface to computational resources. Topics of interest include for example:    
  • Human-computer interaction in ubiquitous computing environments   
  • Applications exploiting awareness of environment and context   
  • Linking virtual worlds with physical worlds
Information Appliances
Information Appliances
Innovative handheld and wearable appliances, and appliances embedded in ubiquitous computing environments, facilitate novel ways to access information and computational resources. This theme is aimed at investigation of information appliances and appliance networks in homes, in facilities, and in public spaces. Topics of interest include for instance:   
  • Novel interfaces and usage metaphors    
  • Appliance networking and management    
  • Context-aware appliances    
  • Ubiquitous information appliances
Handheld CSCW
Handheld CSCW
Following up on the HCSCW workshop at CSCW'98, the goal is to further analyse handheld and also ubiquitous CSCW systems, to review personal and environment-based technologies with respect to their application in CSCW, and to inform technology development from analysis of collaborative work and social interaction. Topics of interest include for example:     
  • Handheld and wearable systems for interaction in groups and communities    
  • Ad hoc collaboration in ubiquitous computing environments  
  • Awareness of collaboration and of work environment   
  • Inherently mobile collaborative work