The MediaCup: Awareness Technology embedded in an Everyday Object
HW Gellersen, M Beigl, and H Krull; University of Karlsruhe, Germany

Point & Click - Interaction in Smart Environments
M Beigl, University of Karlsruhe, Germany

Wearable Information Appliances for the Emergency Services: HotHelmet
C Baber, DJ Haniff, and R Buckley; University of Birmingham, UK

Using Wearable Computer as an Audiovisual Memory Prosthesis
J Hoisko, Nokia Mobile Phones, Finland

Today's Stories
M Panayi, W Van de Velde, D Roy, O Cakmakci, K De Paepe, and NO Bernsen; Odense University, Denmark; Starlab, Belgium

On the Self Evaluation of a Wearable Assistant
W Van de Velde; Starlab, Belgium

On Positioning for Augmented Reality Systems
S Persa, P Jonker; Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Hippie: A Nomadic Information System
R Oppermann, M Specht, and I Jaceniak; GMD FIT-PIC, Germany

A Rapidly Configurable Location-Aware Information System for an Exterior Environment
RP O'Rafferty, MJ O'Grady, and GMP O'Hare; University College Dublin, Ireland

Mobile Computing in Machine Engineering Applications
M Brachtl, L Mikšícek, and P SlavikCzech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic

Chameleon - Reconfigurability in Hand-held Multimedia Computers
GJM Smit, T Bos, PJM Havinga, S Mullender, and J Smit; University of Twente, The Netherlands

An Evaluation of WebTwig - a Site Outliner for Handheld Web Access
M Jones, G Buchanan, and N Mohd-Nasir; Middlesex University, UK

Human Factors of Multi-Modal Ubiquitous Computing
DJ Haniff, C Baber, and W Edmondson; University of Birmingham, UK

URCP: Experimental Support for Multi-modal Interfaces
A Donnelly, E Barnstedt; Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Magic Medicine Cabinet: A Situated Portal for Consumer Healthcare
D Wan, Andersen Consulting, USA

Augmented Workspace: The World as Your Desktop
KL Dempski, Andersen Consulting, USA

The ChatterBox
J Redström, P Jaksetic, and P Ljungstrand; Viktoria Institute, Sweden

Pollen: Virtual Networks that Use People as Carriers
N Glance, D Snowdon; Xerox Research Centre Europe, Grenoble, France

VoIP in Context-Aware Communication Spaces
T Kanter, H Gustafsson; Ericsson Radio Systems, Sweden

A Platform for Environment-aware Applications
S van der Meer, S Arbanowski, and R Popescu-Zeletin; Technical University Berlin, Germany

The Design and Implementation of the Ubidata Information Dissemination Framework
AP Afonso, MJ Silva, JP Campos, and FS Regateiro; University of Lisbon, Portugal

Co-Authoring in Dynamic Teams with Mobile Individuals
C Burger, O Schramm; University of Stuttgart, Germany

A Universal, Location-Aware Hoarding Mechanism
U Kubach, K Rothermel; University of Stuttgart, Germany

QoS and Context Awareness for Mobile Computing
D Chalmers, M Sloman; Imperial College, UK

Anonymous and Confidential Communications from an IP Addressless Computer
C Molina-Jiménez, L Marshall; University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Ad-hoc Network Routing for Centralized Information Sharing Systems
H Lim, C Kim; Seoul National University, Korea

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