ZKM - Center for Art and Media

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The Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe is a unique cultural institution. Here, art and media are consequently integraded into each other. The collection, research and exhibitions are arranged in one complex, including two museums, the Institute for Acoustic Media and the Institute for Visual Media, the Mediathek and the Media Theater.

A restored former factory building provides the generous place for the ZKM, which opened its doors to the public in October 1997. The points of main attraction are the two museums with an exhibition area of more than 7,000 sqm. The Museum of New Art shows media art along with painting, sculpture and fotography, thereby uniting new and traditional approaches. The Media Museum is the first completely interactive museum, demonstrating the impact of the new media.

Furthermore, the ZKM has two research and develpoment departments, which are not accessible to the public: The Institutes for Acoustic and Visual Media. Both departments provide ideal production surroundings to various artist, along with the possibility to discuss and experiment with new technologies.