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  5th International Workshop on Smart Appliances and Wearable Computing

Session Program for IWSAWC 2005, June 10, 2005 Columbus, Ohio

9:00 - 9:15 Opening

9:15 - 10:15 Enabling technologies and networking [Chair: Yasuyuki Kono]

"Using Fine-Grained Infrared Positioning to Support the Surface-Based Activities of Mobile Users"
Albert Krohn, Mike Hazas, Michael Beigl, Hans-Werner Gellersen

"A Self Configurable Topology-Aware Network For Smart Materials"
Tadashi Yanagihara, Hiroshi Sakakibara, Masao Ideuchi, Naohiko Kohtake, Masayuki Iwai, Hideyuki Tokuda

Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:00 Wearable Computers [Chair: Tsutomu Terada]

"An information retrieval system for supporting casual conversation in wearable computing environments"
Nga Viet Pham, Tsutomu Terada, Masahiko Tsukamoto, Shojiro Nishio

"Iaso – An Activity-Based Computing Platform for Wearable Computing"
Jakob Eyvind Bardram, Jonathan Bunde-Pedersen

"Thera-Network: An At Home Motivational Exercise Device for Patients Undergoing Physical Therapy"
Janna Kimel


13:30 - 15:00 Novel user interface [Chair: Christian Decker]

"DistScroll - A new One-Handed Interaction Device"
Albrecht Schmidt, Matthias Kranz, Paul Holleis

"Visual Code Widgets for Marker-Based Interaction"
Michael Rohs

"DiamondHelp: A Collaborative Interface Framework for Networked Home Appliances"
Charles Rich, Candy Sidner, Neal Lesh, Andrew Garland, Shane Booth, Markus Chimani

Coffee Break

15:30 - 17:00 Smart Appliances in the real world [Chair: Christian Decker]

"The BluePost – a smart car heating system"
Lasse Kaila, Lauri Lehti, Tero Häkkinen, Pasi Myllymäki, Ville Mäkinen, Jukka Vanhala

"Implementation and Evaluation of the Personal Wellness Coach"
Ramy Asselin, Guillermo Ortiz, Jonathan Pui, Asim Smailagic, Christian Kissling

"Adding Context Information to Digital Photos"
Albrecht Schmidt, Marion Gall, Paul Holleis, Matthias Kranz

17:00 - 18:00 Poster/demo session [Chair: Kazunori Takashio]
This session consists of a short presentation of each poster (optional accompanied by a demo).
Each presentation is about 10 min. The following posters were accepted.

P01: The MDAgent Platform for Mobile-Agent Enabled Mobile Applications
Jiannong Cao, Yik Kong Cheung and Jizong Chen
(Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

P02: Implementing SAANET on SCP through Power Line Carrier for
the Development of Smart Home Appliances
C.Y. Chen, C.T. Lin, C.M. Chang, Y.P. Tsou and R.J. Shyu

P03: SBAM: A Socket-level Bandwidth Aggregation Mechanism
Hiroshi Sakakibara, Masato Saito and Hideyuki Tokuda
(Keio University)

P04: Prototyping a Real-World-Oriented Monster-Collection Game
Nao Kawanishi, Yoshihiro Kawahara, Hiroyuki Morikawa
and Tomonori Aoyama (The University of Tokyo)

P05: A File System for Resource Abstraction in Ubiquitous Computing
Till Riedel and Christian Decker (TecO, University of Karlsruhe)

P06: Activity Model using Location and Places' Attributes for
Navigation Services
Yuki Matsukura, Naohiko Kohtake, Kazunori Takashio
and Hideyki Tokuda (Keio University)

18:15  Closing