Call (closed)

Date: 1st & 2nd of April 2001

University of Karlsruhe

 CHI2000 WS
 Situated Interaction

 Call for Participation (Closed)

Distributed and Disappearing UIs
in Ubiquitous Computing at CHI2001

The Call is closed and all submissions are reviewed!


The workshop will focus on how to:

  •      reliably gather, model, and take advantage of situational context
  •      appropriately choose among available output options
  •      attract someone’s attention without disturbing others
  •      address conflicting user goals in multi-user scenarios
  •      describe and model widgets in such systems
  •      handle system breakdowns

We will also address privacy, design, aesthetics and expressions, trying to grasp the possible social impact of such systems.

We hope to bring together researchers and practitioners who are concerned with design, development, and implementation of novel interfaces for mobile devices and environment-based appliances, as well as social issues emerging from their use.

Participants will be selected based on their submissions, either a position paper (2 pages) describing their interest and experience in the field, or an extended abstract (5 pages) describing ongoing research. We expect participants to search for a common understanding of user interfaces in ubiquitous computing and we aim to define a research agenda in this field.


  • What ways of distributing the output from a system are meaningful? How should one choose from different output devices available, such as embedded screens and audio output, personal mobile displays and notification systems, ambient pixel or non-pixel displays?
  • How does the situational context (e.g. the whereabouts of the user, social situation, relation between people) influence the distribution and allocation of input and output resources?
  • What useful ways exist to describe and model input and output widgets in such systems?
  • How will upcoming technologies that offer short-range inter-device communication (e.g. Bluetooth) influence the development of distributed interfaces?
  • What technologies exist to reliably capture situational context? How do we extract information that can be used to make interfaces invisible? And what methods can we use to describe such information?
  • Are there methods to model alternative inputs, considering distributed interfaces and also information provided by situational context?
  • How do we deal with conflicting user goals?
  • How do we deal with shared (public) input and output?
  • Who “owns” or controls the local ‘ether’ in shared environments? What about “access rights” to shared resources in public places, trains, buses, etc?
  • How do we attract one user’s attention, without disturbing other co-located people?
  • Privacy issues – what if the environment records everything we do? Who has access to that?
  • How to deal with design, aesthetics and expressions
  • Anticipated social impact, major changes in ordinary peoples’ way of life (e.g. mobile phones and the Web)
  • The pace of interaction (Slow Technology)


26. January 2001: Deadline for submission of extented abstracts and position papers.
02. February 2001: Notification of authors
01. & 02. April: Two-Day Workshop
31. March - 5. April: CHI2001 Conference in Seattle, USA.

Anind K. Dey, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Peter Ljungstrand, PLAY Research Studio, Interactive Institute, Sweden
Albrecht Schmidt, Telecooperation Office (TecO), University of Karlsruhe, Germany

We encourage submissions from researchers and practitioners in academia, industry, government, and consulting. Students, researchers and practitioners are invited to submit an extended abstract (about 2000 words) describing original work or a position paper (about 600 words). Participants will be selected based on their submissions; a selection of extended abstracts will be presented at the workshop.

Send submissions to

More Information is soon to come!

Authors of accepted papers will be expected to present their work at the workshop. All attendees must register for the CHI 2000 conference.

details soon to come.

For questions and further information, please contact
Albrecht Schmidt
Telecooperation Office (TecO)
University of Karlsruhe
Vincenz-Priessnitz-Str. 1
76131 Karlsruhe (Germany)

Phone: +49 721 6902-29
Fax: +49 721 966 3418

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