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These four research institutes are the members of the TEA consortium:
Starlab Research NV/SA
Starlab (Brussels, Belgium) is an SME specializing in new-media, telematics, and intelligent devices. Its Research Group consists of researchers from leading laboratories worldwide (MIT Media-Lab, Berkeley, VUB AI-Lab and others) pooling the wide spectrum of knowledge and skills required for this project (hardware, software, telematics, product design). 

Omega Generation
Omega Generation (Bologna, Italy) is an advanced ICT company that deals with software and communication systems for private and public organizations, using advanced software, multi-media and telematics technologies. 

The University of Karlsruhe's Telecooperation Office (Karlsruhe, Germany) was founded in 1993 for applied research in telematics and technology transfer into industry. Major areas of competence are WWW/Internet, Distributed Multimedia, and Mobile/Ubiquitous Computing. 

Nokia Mobile Phones
Nokia Mobile Phones (Oulu, Finland) represents the end-user in the project, with a direct exploitation potential for some of the TEA results in an existing product line. Nokia and Omega provide the expertise for market awareness, user requirements and usability testing. 

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