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Context Awareness Research
  • Active Badge:
  • Claes Frisk: Location and Context Awareness in Adaptive Personal Communication Services (
  • Gregory D. Abowd's FCE group (
  • Nitin Sawhney: (
  • The University of Kent at Canterbury's (UKC) mobile & context-aware computing web page. (
  • Location/Context Aware Personal Communication (graduate course in Teleinformatics) (
  • Developing A Context Sensitive Tourist Guide, by Keith Mitchell (
  • HUC'99 ( and HUC'2000 (
  • ISWC'2000: (
  • Workshops concerning Context Awareness at CHI'2000: "Situated Interaction in Ubiquitous computing" ( and "The What,Who, Where, When, Why and How of Context-Awareness" (
  • Starlab Projects related to TEA
  • Comris : i³ project that develops wearable coupling between real and virtual worlds, leading to a co-habited mixed reality.
  • Today's Stories : develops an approach to learning for young children (4 to 8) that is aimed at the development of social, communicative and emotional skills in the context of their everyday activities.
  • I-wear : A Starlab consortium focusing on intelligent clothes.
  • MUSE: A context aware assistant for orientation in office spaces, uses the first TEA sensorboard.
  • AIS: is devoted to immunological computation and artificial immune systems, which also uses the TEA board for sensing.
  • last update: 27/06/2000 by Kristof Van Laerhoven the previous sites can still be found here and here