Tokyo (UbiComp05)

UbiComp 2005 took place in Tokyo, Japan for the first time in its history. TecO was represented by all members including our guest researcher Manabu. We demonstrated uParts our latest hardware for enabling Ubicomp settings. Altogether, we distributed 500+ of those small sensor nodes to the attendees of the conference. During the conference a database system could be accessed by the wearers of the uParts to inspect data on the movement, temperature and light measured by the on board sensors. For the on-site support while installing this demo, we'd like to thank the students from the Keio University, in particular Hiroshi Sakakibara. Data from the conference can also be reviewed afterwards by querying the UbiComp05 uPart Database using your uPart-ID. Apart from this demo, we presented a poster of P2P approach for overlaying various sensor networks.

Los Angeles (IPSN 05)


From April 25 until April 27 the 5th International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN) took place at the UCLA in Los Angeles, Calfornia. I took part to present a paper on our Particle Computer platform for the SPOTS workshop. The conference included a huge demo and poster session and I met many interesting people from my research area.
After the conference I took some days off in order to visit Monterey, San Francisco, Yosemite Nationalpark and Sequoia Nationalpark. Unfortunately, the pictures from the Sequoia trees and the black bear were corrupted on my Ricoh cam. :-(

Hall in Tirol (ARCS 05)


On March 14 until March 16, I particpated in the ARCS conference in Hall in Tirol in Austria. I presented a paper on a file system for ubicomp device. The file system is a uniform presentation and access model for all resources on such a device. Hall in Tirol is situated close to Innsbruck in a beautiful countryside.

Nottingham (Ubicomp 04)


From September 7-10, 2004 the Ubicomp 2004 took place in Nottingham, UK. TecO presented a poster and the eSeal demo. The demo implemented an electronic seal system able to support the seal conditions without any backend infrastructure. As a consequence, our demo pod looked rather blank compared to other laptop supported demos. Nevertheless, we received good feedback on our Particle platform.

CoBIs Meeting, London (2004)


The CoBIs project just started. We met at BP with the other partners for the initial meeting. TecO took the leadership of the technical workpackage. Further, we demonstrated a demo for Collaborative Business Items for BP's safety scenario. Since time was left, we went on a tour in London passing famous places such as the St. Pauls Cathedral, the Tower bridge, Buckingham Palace and the British Museum.

New Orleans (SAPPHIRE 04)


Mid May 2004, the largest SAP customer fair opened for three days showing the latest developments of their ERP software and new directions. TecO was represented by me in the innovation pavilion demonstrating the DigiClip. This device allows the optimization of business processes based on paper based documents. Documents could be tracked in physical space and changes on the electronic copy are notified on the physical copy and vice versa. Additionally, the system implemented electronically personalized signing of physical documents. DigiClip runs on TecO's Particle Platform and was integrated in SAP's Enterprise Portal.

Wien (Pervasive 04)


The 2nd International Conferenceon Pervasive Compunting (Pervasive04) was held in Vienna. Excellent organised in one of the best locations in Vienna - the Hofburg - this conference is unique up to date. I had a full paper presenation on March, 23rd 2004 and worked almost full time on the last preparations for the talk. On Friday morning I stood on the stage. Thanks to the photographers for the pictures. I've never been so nervous before than on this talk. Thanks to the TecO group for the support during the preparations of the paper and the talk. The last few hours I spent in Vienna I was in the catacombs of the St. Stephan's cathedreal and walked around in Vienna.

Tokyo (IWSAWC 04)


Exciting, my first conference inTokyo, Japan. The annual Internation Workshop of Smart Appliances and Wearable Computing (IWSAWC04) on the IEEE ICDCS conference was organized in Tokyo, Japan. On March, 19th 2004 I started from Frankfurt and arrived on March, 20th 2004 Tokyo. A jetlag slowed me down on Sunday, when we had a guided city tour by Yoshito Tobe, the organizer of the IWSAWC 04. The workshop was a success with very interesting papers.

Afterwards I took some days off to get in touch with the city. Exciting, must-see-areas are: Shibuya, Akihabara, Tokyo Academic Park and so on. Thanks to all organizers for this great event. :-) I returned on March, 27th and hopefully I will return to Tokyo someday.

Seattle (Ubicomp 03)


The major conference in myresearch area ubiquitous computing, the Ubicomp03, was held in Seattle, WA, USA. TecO presented a technote, two posters and a demo. It was very interesting to see how the community has been increased and got more public attention since the last years.

After the conference my colleague Albert Krohn and I flew to Atlanta to visit Gregory Abowd's group at the GeorgiaTech. We gave there two talks about the Smart-Its Particle computer platform developed at TecO.

Providence (IWSAWC 03)


At May 17th I lift off from Frankfurt Airportheading for Boston International Airport. Then I took a rental car and went to Providence, Rhode Island, where the 3rd International Workshop on Smart Appliances and Wearable Computing was held.

After the workshop Florian and I went to Martha's Vinyard. On Wednesday he left MA for New York City. I explored Boston Downtown and in the next days Vermont.

Zuerich (Writers Workshop + Hackfest)


From November 4th to November 7th, Michael,Phil, Tobi and I took the train to Zuerich to participate on the Writers Workshop and later on the BTNode hackfest. The goal of the first workshop was to collect ideas for publications about the Smart-Its project. Thanks to Florian who organised the things around.

The others left me back in Zuerich for the BTNode hackfest This technical oriented workshop was organised by Oli. I took pictures and shot some short videos with my new Archos JBMM. I hope that quality will be improved in the one of the next firmware updates.

Sweden (Ubicomp02)


From September 29th to October 1st, TecO peopletook part on the Ubicomp 2002 in Gotheburg, Sweden. We had a conference poster about "Teaching a ubicomp course using Smart-Its" (see also for the poster abstract). This course was given in the summer term 2002 at TecO. Within the Smart-Its project we had an EC review. Check out TecO's work on our Smart-Its project website (nice movie ;-) ).

After this conference I visited PLAY - one of our partners in the Smart-Its project.

The provided pictures were taken during a diner we had with our partners in Gotheburg and during a short visit in Stockholm on the weekend afterwards. Thanks to Annette Seeber for the accommodation. :-)

New York (WMCSA02)


On Jun 20th and Jun 21st I took part on the WMCSA 02 in Callicoon, NY. I represented TecO's work in the Smart-Its project. I met interesting people there, as Sam Madden and David B. Johnson. I took also some time off (of course not during the workshop) to have some sight seeing in New York City and around Callicoon. Have a look at the pictures! Greetings go to my former supervisor Albrecht Schmidt. You will see him on some photos.

Madeira Island (2002)


From Feb 23rd to Feb 28th I took part on the Radical Ideas Workshop on Madeira Island. It was a great time and I met many cool people there.

Brussels at X-mas (2001)


From Dec 21st to Dec 23rd 2001 I was in Brussels (Belgium) to visit some friends I got to know during my time at Starlab. Also have a look on the pages of some friends: Kristof van Laerhoven, Ozan Cakmakci, Erol Sahin.

Finnland (2001)


End of November I was in Finnland for a Smart-Its application workshop. Afterwards some swiss friends and I took some days off and we traveled through the country up to Rovanniemi, capital of Lapland and close to the polar circle.

Fly a Kite (2001)


These pictures were taken in August 2001 on a former airfield. You can see my neighbour Johannes and me.

Antwerp (2001)


End of June I visited some friends (Els and her boyfriend) in Antwerp, Belgium. We had a great time on a party where some starlabbers met each other again. Thanks for the accomodation. :-)

Starlab, Brussels (2001) 


From March 2001 to June 2001 I stayed as an internship student at the Deep Future Research lab Starlab in Brussels. I was a member of the i-Wear group at Starlab, where I met many cool people who became friends of mine. My work was on routing algorithms in the Fabric Area Network.