Tutorial on MC 2003

This site is contains the material for the Tutorial "Physical and Tangible User Interfaces" held on Mensch&Computer 2003 by Albrecht Schmidt and Christian Decker. Thanks to all participants who made this tutorial a very nice experience.

For feedback or further questions do not hesitate to write a mail to cdecker@teco.edu



The tutorial provides an overview on physical user interfaces for ubiquitous computing. Method, tools, and devices for input and output beyond traditional user interfaces are discussed. The tutorial contains an overview of research in the area published in the last years. An introduction to platforms (software and hardware) and methods, that help to quickly start the development of such interfaces is provided. Based on our experience from our recent projects we discuss problems, challenges and opportunities. The tutorial also contains several exercises to actively involve participants.



The material is splitted into 5 sessions and 2 longer Exercises. All available in the PDF format.

1. Introduction, Motivation, Trends in Computing
2. Diversity of Real World Interaction (Exercise)
3. Research Overview
4. ID based User Interfaces (this sessions contains 2 little exercises - 15min each)
5. Sensors for Physical User Interfaces
6. Prototyping Physical User Interfaces
7. A Physical Remote Awareness System (Design Exercise)
8. Evaluation, Summary, Wrap-Up

Further Material


Albrecht Schmidt's page about this tutorial