Here you can find programs which I have developed beside my work at TecO. All programs are distributed in binary and source form under the GPL License. Maybe you find something useful. :-) If you like one of the spinoffs in a special way feel free to write me some lines. :) But don't expect that I write code for you. If you have some suggestions then mail me.



This program is an easy interface (cmd. line) to the task scheduler of Win95/98/ME. You can add a task which is executed once at the time and at the date you've specified. It runs given minutes and then the the application will be killed. For more information and call parameters look at the beginning of the source code.



People, who are not sure how to write a word correctly, can use the democratic power of the internet. Use the Democratic Dictionary Web-Interface to decide which version of your word is preferred by the community. But be careful: There is no guarantee! ;-)