BeckIPC Webchip

The IPC@CHIP (I call it webchip) is 186 processor with 512KB RAM and 512KB Flash-EEPROM Filesystem. The operating system is a multitasking DOS. But it's more: There are also a webserver, a telnet server and a ftp server running on it. You can executes CGI-Scripts or other programs written with the old Borland Turbo C IDE or Borland Pascal IDE. For compilers look at But be aware that you can't use a 32bit compiler. The webchip was developed by BECK IPC GmbH. In short time periods there are also new updates for the webchip.




At present I develop some C libraries for CGI, TCP/IP handling and for programming with the 8 bidirectional I/O pins on the DK40 evaluation board. For development I don't use much the Tubro C IDE. I use a windows editor called Zeus ( and the command line call of tcc.exe with some parameters which I have configured in the editor. I want to use a Linux development environment, but there were problems with the compiler. I need use of dos.h and some other DOS libs which doesn't work with a cross-compiler under Linux if you have a good cross-compiler for a 186 architecture. 
So look apparently on this site for the libs. Maybe they come in the next week ...



The following libs are qualified for application programmers and not for hardware freaks because they hide all interrupt calls for systems funtions. For a quick view on the libs the documentation is available online. In the appropriate tgz-Archives there are docs in LaTeX with a script for conversion in PDF and docs as manpages, too. In all libs there are examples for using the lib. All libs are developed with Turbo C++ 3.0, but programmed in C, and were tested (but not completely - I have only tested the main funcs) with BIOS 0.66. 
If you have trouble with unpacking the archives please mail me.

This API contains two API. There is a CGIAPI and a SMPCGI (simple CGIAPI). SMPCGI uses the functions of CGIAPI to avoid memory allocation for arguments delivered by HTTP-PUT or HTTP-GET, but it requires a special sequence of calling some funcs of it. Look at the examples for further information. (download)

This API handles functions of the serial interface of the webchip. Look at the examples for how it is working. (download)

For the TCP/IP interface of the webchip this API was developed. It implements all funcs of the BIOS-TCPIP-API (version 0.66). The examples contain a tcp and upd client and a tcp and udp server which were tested. (download)

PINAPI:(also runs with BIOS 0.67
On the DK40 board there are 8 programmable I/O pins. With this tiny API you can control these pin. For example reading the status or setting and unsetting particular pins or all pins. (download)


This program written under Linux is for detecting IPC@Chip in a local network.  It prints out the IP number, a given name and so on of the found IPCs. 

ipcfind.tgz - source,  Makefile, binary
ipcfind - Linux glibc2.1 x86 binary

IPCFIND (IPC version):
This is the IPC port of the above program. It prints out all founded IPCs on the command line of the IPC. It's developed with the NETAPI you can find in the Library section on this site.

ipcfind_4IPC.tgz - source, project file (TC 3.0), binary
ipcfind.exe - IPC executable