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Call For Paper: Fourth International Workshop on Web Engineering in conjunction with WWW10
Important Dates

January 29, 2001: Submission Deadline
May 1, 2001: Workshop
May 1-5, 2001: WWW10 Conference
Call for Paper

Fourth International Workshop on Web Engineering

Held in conjunction with the Tenth World Wide Web (WWW10) Conference, Hong Kong, China, May 1-5, 2001

For further details, please visit: http://webengineering.org/www10/

New Download Center (Beta 1) Opened
RFC 2518 / WebDAV
WebDAV. Are you READY to download the WebDAV Toolkit component? One COM+ component, which provides all the functionality that comes with Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV). Read more about WebDAV at www.webdav.org.
You can use the component with VC++, VB, VBScript, JScript, or other COM-enabled languages. Download your free WebDAV Toolkit component and the source-code for a WebDAV demo-application. DOWNLOAD NOW.

WCML2. Also available for download is the WCML2-compiler with Windows-GUI, Web-GUI, and soon more. DOWNLOAD NOW.
Call For Paper: Web Engineering for E-Commerce Applications
Important Dates

October 6, 2000: Submission Deadline
November 17, 2000: Notification of Authors
January 12, 2001: Final Submission Due
April 2, 2001: Early Registration Ends
May 20-23, 2001: Conference Period
Call for Paper

Web Engineering for E-Commerce Applications

Part of the 2001 Information Resources Management Association International Conference (IRMA 2001)
Toronto, Canada - May 20-23, 2001

For further details, please visit: http://webengineering.org/irma2001/

Call For Paper: 2nd Minitrack Web Engineering
Important Dates:

submission closed
March 30, 2000:
300-word abstract

June 1, 2000:
Full papers

Aug. 31, 2000:

Oct. 1, 2000:
Call for Participation for

Web Engineering

Part of the Internet and the Digital Economy Track
of the 34th International Conference on Systems Sciences (HICSS)
HI, USA - January 3 - 6, 2001
The Minitrack's major focus is on the design of Web-Applications, especially on processes, models and methods for designing these kind of applications. An active discussion with focus on Web engineering and its influence on other communities is anticipated by also inviting papers on inter-disciplined topics.

Proceedings of the Conference will be published and distributed by the IEEE Computer Society.
The first Minitrack on Web Engineering (at HICSS-33) was published by the IEEE Computer Society, cf. proceedings.

For more information about the minitrack and the conference, visit the Web Engineering Minitrack Web site: http://webengineering.org/hicss34/

Call For Paper: Web Engineering Special issue
Important Dates:

submission closed

Call for Paper

Special Issue on Web Engineering, IEEE Multimedia

Special Issue Guest Editors:
Athula Ginige, University of Western Sydney Macarthur, Australia
San Murugesan, University of Western Sydney Macarthur, Australia

Guidelines on preparation of articles for IEEE Multimedia are available at: http://computer.org/multimedia/author.htm. Authors are encouraged to discuss their proposed submissions with the special issue Guest Editors.

More details...

WebComposition and WCML
Further information about WebComposition and WCML For first details on the WebCompostion approach, please press here. Further Information about the WebComposition Markup Language (WCML) and the WebComposition Process Model can be found here .
Web Design Pattern
Further information about Web Design Pattern Information about Web Design Pattern can be found at the Hypermedia Design Pattern Repository. Generic WCML-Implementations for some of the patterns will be available soon.
Further information about Resources !!NEW!! WebEngineering.org community site
Asset Source for Software Engineering Technology
Asset-Project (Asset.com)
Brian Foote Homepage
Comprehensive Approach to Reusable Defense Software
Computer Science Bibliographies, University of Karlsruhe
Computing Virtual Library
Formal Methods Virtual Library
General-Purpose Software Design Patterns at Walter F. Tichy Homepage
I-DOC project
Information Systems Engineering Site, University of Technology, Australia
Lockheed Martin STARS Reuse Papers
Object-Oriented Information Sources
Pattern Languages of Program Design 4
Patterns Home Page
Portland Pattern Repository
Public Ada Library
Quality Resources
Relationship Management Methodology for Hypermedia Design
Software Composition Group, University of Bern
Software Engineering Archives
The 1998 Pattern Languages of Programs Conference
The ATRIUM Project
The SGML/XML Web Page by Robin Cover
The WDVL: The Virtual Library of WWW Development
UML, Bernd Oestereich
Usable Web: Guide to Web usability resources
WWW Computer Architecture Home Page

This information is available for download as XML-File.

Further information about Organizations ACM SIG Web
Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)
BizTalk initiative
Center for Software Engineering, University of Southern California
Centre for Advanced Empirical Software Research (CAESAR)
Defense Information Systems Agency
Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering
IEEE Computer Society
Information Science Research Institute
International Software Engineering Research Network
International Standards Organization (ISO)
Irvine Research Unit in Software (IRUS)
LIFIA, Prof. Gustavo Rossi
MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
NASA Software Engineering Laboratory
PUC-RIO, Prof. Daniel Schwabe
Software Engineering Institute (SEI)
Software Productivity Consortium (SPC)
SRI International Computer Science Laboratory
Telecooperation Office, University of Karlsruhe
The Data Analysis Center for Software
University of Oulo, Prof. Harri Oinas-Kukkonen
WebE Home, WebISM, Australia
World Wide Web Consortium
XML.ORG - The XML Industry Portal

This information is available for download as XML-File.

Further information about Conferences WWW1 Conference, Geneva, Switzerland, May 1994
WWW2 Conference, Chicago, Illinois, USA, October 1994
WWW3 Conference, Darmstadt, Germany, April 1995
WWW4 Conference, Boston, Massachussetts, USA, December 1995
WWW5 Conference, Paris, France, May 1996
WWW6 Conference, Santa Clara, California, USA, April 1997
WWW7 Conference, Brisbane, Australia, April 1998
WWW8 Conference, Toronto, Canada, May 1999
WWW9 Conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 2000
WWW10 Conference, Hong Kong, China, May 2001
Web Engineering Minitrack at 33rd HICSS-Conference, USA, January 2000
Web Engineering Minitrack at 34rd HICSS-Conference, USA, January 2001
Workshop on Web Engineering at WWW7, Australia, April 1998
Workshop on Web Engineering at WWW8, Canada, May 1999
Workshop on Web Engineering at WWW9, The Netherlands, May 2000
Workshop on Web Engineering at ICSE-21, USA, 1999
Workshop on Web Engineering at ICSE-22, Ireland, June 2000
ACM Hypertext 2000, San Antonio, Texas, USA, May-June 2000

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