WebComposition Markup Language
The WCML2-Compiler and WCML2GUI-application are available for download.
The WCML2-compiler is commercially used at:
  • Hewlett-Packard - for E-Victor, the world-wide HP Procurement Portal
  • Agilent - for A-Victor, the Procurement Portal of agilent
  • Download the compiler WCML2
  • Download the old compiler wcml-rc3.zip (Version 1.0 RC3)
Examples, a description of the Markup Language, and a first Version of the WCML2 Compiler (Version 1.5) will be available after the 8th World-Wide Web Conference. For further information on the WebComposition approach, press here.

The following figure demonstrates how the WCML-compiler works.

Photo-Credits: B. Schmidt
Further information by publication
  • Martin Gaedke, Guntram Graef: Development and Evolution of Web-Applications using the WebComposition Process Model. International Workshop on Web Engineering at the 9th International World-Wide Web Conference (WWW9), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 15, 2000. <Download>
  • Martin Gaedke, Guntram Graef: WebComposition Process Model: Ein Vorgehensmodell zur Entwicklung und Evolution von Web-Awendungen. 2. Workshop Komponentenorientierte betriebliche Anwendungssysteme (WKBA 2), Wien, Austria, March 30, 2000. <Download>
  • Martin Gaedke, Daniel Schempf, Hans-Werner Gellersen: WCML: An enabling technology for the reuse in object-oriented Web Engineering. Poster-Proceedings of the 8th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW8), Toronto, Ontario, Canada, May 11-14, 1999. <Download>
  • Martin Gaedke, Joern Rehse, Guntram Graef: A Repository to facilitate Reuse in Component-Based Web Engineering. International Workshop on Web Engineering at the 8th International World-Wide Web Conference (WWW8), Toronto, Ontario, Canada, May 11, 1999. <Download>
  • Martin Gaedke: Wiederverwendung von Komponenten in Web-Anwendungen. 1. Workshop Komponentenorientierte betriebliche Anwendungssysteme (WKBA 1), Magdeburg, Germany, March 30, 1999. <Download>
  • Martin Gaedke, Michael Beigl, Hans-Werner Gellersen, Christian Segor: Web Content Delivery to Heterogenous Mobile Platforms. Advances in Database Technologies, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), Vol. 1552, Springer Verlag, November 16-19, 1998. <Download>
  • Martin Gaedke: WebComposition: Ein Unterstuetzungssystem fuer das Web Engineering. In Proc. STī98: Softwaretechnik, GI Conference, Paderborn, Germany (In: GI Softwaretechnik-Trends, August 1998, Band 18 Heft 3, ISSN 0720-8928), September 1998. <Download>
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