A Three-Tier Architecture for Location Presentation

Study Thesis by Jun Ma, carried out at TecO, University of Karlsruhe, August 2004

Many location systems have been developed for finding the position of mobile objects. Every location system presents the location information about mobile objects with its own user interface. We propose an approach that allows location information to be displayed with the same way. The approach is based on a three-tier architecture, which is illustrated in the figure 1.


Figure 1: a three-tier architecture for location presentation.

- Information Base: Information Base provides an interface for different location systems and is responsible for collecting and storing location information.

- Processing and Filtering: This layer is responsible for computing and compressing the location information.

- Presentation: User interface for displaying location information and configuring models of information base will be implemented in this layer.

We have developed a location presentation system based on this three-tier architecture. At present this location presentation system is used for displaying the location information of Cell-of-Origin location system with Smart-Its Particles.


The study thesis (in German) Ein Drei-Schicht Architektur für Lokationsdarstellung in Ubicomp. Poster, presented by TecO  A Three-Tier Architecture for Location Presentation

The runnable Location Presentation System 

Jun Ma
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