Tobias Zimmer @ TecO

Introducing myself

I am a research assistant at Telecooperation Office (TecO). TecO is a small research group at the department of computer science at the University of Karlsruhe.

Our research focus at TecO is on Ubiquitous Computing (Ubicomp) as it was introduced in 1991 by Mark Weiser in the article "The Computer for the 21st Century".

In December 2001 I received my master degree (diploma) in computer science here at the University of Karlsruhe. My master thesis was titled "Diversified Communication in Ubiquitous Computing Environments" (in German). This work was on extending the RAUM-System, a location based communication system for interactive environments.

Now I am working on my Ph.D. in the field of context aware computing. For more details on my research work visit my "Research Interests" page.

Current Work

My current work is associated with a project that was funded by the EU's Disappearing Computer initiative (FP 5), called Smart-Its. We produced a small production run of Particle Computer devices. After the enormous demand for new hardware in the research community we now improved our design of the Particle Computers and will launch another production run as soon as possible. I am responsible for the coordination of the production process and the delivery of the parts to our research partners. If you are interested in our Particle Computer project and the hard- and software visit the web pages mentioned above and become a member of our Particle Computer Forum.

Apart from that my work includes various research projects in association with e.g. SAP and the Daimler-Benz-Foundation and EU FP 6. Again: For more details on my research work visit my "Research Interests" page.

I am also involved in teaching at TecO. This includes master theses (ger.: Diplomarbeiten), student projects (ger.: Studienarbeiten), seminars (ger.: Seminare) and internships (ger.: Praktika) For more information on theses, seminars and so on see the "students" section. If you are looking for a thesis or an internship have a look at the corresponding pages or contact me for details.

This web page

This "new" home page follows a new concept. On the menu bar on the right hand side you find all the relevant links to topic related to my work and research at TecO. There are sections interesting for students of the University of Karlsruhe, that are in search of a topic for a thesis, sections on the projects I am involved in and a lot of other stuff. In this sections you will find mainly current information.

The most up-to-data information on this side will appear on the News-Page. This page is a weblog where all the new information will appear first. It is mainly organised in the same categories as the rest of the web page. So go there first if your are looking for the latest advertisements of theses or the latest research efforts.

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