The onhandpc is a little computer a little bit larger than a normal watch or about the same size as a G-Shock watch. :-) Inside a MN102L00 CPU (16bit) is working. You can transfer data between the onhand and the PC over a serial cable(docking station) or IrDA or transfer data between two onhands over IrDA. The operating is PsDOS which realizes the 16 bit file management and application execution. It supports major system call services of MS-DOS 3.1. The whole system is powered by 2 Li-Batteries. With power management enabled the duration of normal working is about 3 month (just like my Palm).




The company Matsucom delivers a SDK for the OnHandPC. It's based on a port of the famous GNU-C-Compiler(CYGWIN) for Windows. Therefore you have to develop under Windows (argh!). The compiler creates linux-elf-binaries (interesting!) then converts them into a S3 Motorola format and then into the executable file format for the OnHandPC.
You can develop with the GNU C Library, but you don't have a console for stdin or stdout. The examples shipped with the SDK are good and easy to understand. But the documentation is a bit sad. There are only .txt Files which make it hard for looking for a system function very quickly. So I have written a perl script which has convert the files into a HTML format. I publish here both: the online version and a tgz version(winzip can work with tgz archives) for download. But I have no official permission from the Matsucom because they don't answer my mail. So it can be that these docs disappear.

API-Index (online version)
API-Index (tgz version)

Other descriptions of the SDK, all .c files and all .h files are in a full text search engine(htdig). The following link will lead you to the search mask.

full text search engine for the OnHand_SDK