The acceleration sensor developed by Xbow is a little printed circuit board for measure the acceleration in two directions (X-Y). It is very simple to program and it's very small. Maybe the aim is to construct a shoe with this sensor. So we can see whether the  sportsman is running or walking (or falling ;-) ). If we memory these measurement data and graph them, maybe we'll see a pattern (but it's probably very chaotic).

xbow board

How does it work?


As I said before, it's very simple to program. All you have to do is to send an ASCII 'G' over the serial port to the sensor board and you'll get  6 chars back. Two of them for every direction (X and Y) and two as checksum. (The protocol for calculation the accel will be added soon.)
There's also a little C++ program which I have written under Windows NT. But be careful, there are some classes around for wrapping the serial communication.