UbicompBrowser / ElectronicManual

May 11th, 2012  |  Published in Research

UbicompBrowser researches how electronic consumer devices embedded into the environment can be connected to the information network using Internet technologies. It results in a prototype that is able to bridge the gap between physical devices and information space by utilizing a handheld device equipped with a Barcode scanner – the UbicompBrowser. Using the UbicompBrowser software a user is able to control the device by first identifying the device and then controlling the device in a proprietary way using a software downloaded from the site of the device producer. The ElectronicManual extends this idea by integrating manual and helping information into the usage of electronic consumer devices.

Selected Publications

Michael Beigl, Albrecht Schmidt, Markus Lauff, Hans-Werner Gellersen (1998) Ubicomp Browser, Proceedings of the 4th ERCIM Workshop on User Interfaces for All, October 1998, Stockholm, Sweden, url



Research Topics:

Ubiquitous Computing environments appliances, Interaction design, Ubiquitous system design, Interaction design, Usage studies

Application and economic dissemination:



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