July 18th, 2018  |  Published in Demos

Future power grids are constructed to cope with sudden but irregular increases in supplied energy from wind or solar farms. Therefore, the electricity market is affected by further dynamism, complexity, and operational circumstances.
The research project VDAR is studying new regulation concepts to decouple the economic system of the electricity market and the physical system of the power grid in a decoupled regulatory circuit.
The proposed regulatory circuit models distributed power grids and a decentralized electricity market. All elements of the control loop are realized as software components which are decoupled and enable their flexible combination to test the behavior of new systems. This controlling approach advances a dynamic balance between demand and supply of the power grid and market.
The demo software of the VDAR system not only allows for a simulation environment of the decentralized electricity market but also shows the value of a decentralized electricity market for distributed power grids. The demo is based on a windows server with a web-based application as well as three Raspberry Pis which are each fitted with a Python-based visualization. To allow for a visualization of the power grid and market state, a corresponding Co-Simulation is executed on the server. The power grid and market results are then reflected through a LED-visualization and a price curve.



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