June 1st, 2012  |  Published in Research

Koordinator is the follow up project to the sucessful BMBF project landmarke in which research was directed towards the creation of an ad hoc wireless sensor network to improve firefighter navigation. In Koordinator it is now investigated how this navigation support network may be extended using novel pervasive technologies to improve mission control in the field.
In an indoor firefighting mission, coordination and communication support are of the utmost importance. In contrast to some large scale emergency response research, Koordinator focuses on the front line interaction between teams of firefighters and the incident commander on a single site. In such a setting frequent technical failures and the high cognitive costs incurred by communicating impede coordination. Koordinator seeks to create a complementary firefighter support system which solves these issues. The key features of the new system are: a robust ad-hoc network, telemetry and text messaging, and firefighter activity recognition.






Institute of Firefighter Education NRW, Vomatec International GmbH, University Of Siegen, Dresden Elektronik

Research Topics:

Wireless sensor networks, Ubiquitous computing applications, Implicite situation and context awareness



Selected Publications

Markus Scholz, Till Riedel, Mario Hock, Michael Beigl (2013) Device-free and device-bound activity recognition using radio signal strength, Proceedings of the 4th Augmented Human International Conference on - AH '13, p. 100-107, New York, New York, USA: ACM Press, url, doi:10.1145/2459236.2459254

Markus Scholz, Dawud Gordon, Leonardo Ramirez, Stephan Sigg, Tobias Dyrks, Michael Beigl (2013) A Concept for Support of Firefighter Frontline Communication, Future Internet 5(2), p. 113-127, url, doi:10.3390/fi5020113

Stephan Sigg, Markus Scholz, Shuyu Shi, Yusheng Ji, Michael Beigl (2013) RF-Sensing of Activities From Non-Cooperative Subjects in Device-Free Recognition Systems Using Ambient and Local Signals, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 99(1), p. 1-1, IEEE, url

Antonios Karatzoglou, Markus Scholz, Till Riedel, Michael Beigl (2012) A prototype of an in-situ radio sensing and visualization device. Demo Paper., Proceedings of Ninth International Conference on Networked Sensing Systems (INSS 2012), Antwerp, Belgium: IEEE

Markus Scholz, Stephan Sigg, Hedda R Schmidtke, Michael Beigl (2011) Challenges for device-free radio-based activity recognition, 3rd Workshop on Context-Systems Design, Evaluation and Optimisation (CoSDEO 2011) in conjunction with MobiQuitous 2011, Kopenhagen, Denmark, p. 1-12, pdf


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