June 1st, 2012  |  Published in Research

Rather than using a hierachical approach to resolve RFIDs indentification code to database information this project researches in using Peer-to-Peer technology. The project showed that privacy of information can be better ensured and higher reliability can be gained using such an approach.
A query, which consists of an identification string, is sent to the network and receives the appropriate resolution data. We pay particular attention to the authenticity and security of the exchanged data, in order to prevent tracing of resolution queries. The usage of a Peer-to-Peer network enables an non-authoritarian yet easily managed extension by further resolving services, such that these services do not need to share any information with an authoritative organization. Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) represent potential application areas.

Selected Publications

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Research Topics:

RFID resolving service, P2P systems

Application and economic dissemination:



Locostix, P2P4Ubicomp

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