TECO Wearable Framework (TWS)

April 21st, 2020  |  Published in Demos, Research

TECO Wearable Framework

The TECO Wearable Framework is a collection of electronic modules components, materials, embedded software as well as applications for User Interfaces and Data Analytics that is used in our research projects. The framework assembles work from students as well as PhDs over the past 20 years. Parts of the Framework are

  • Haptic Displays and actuators
    • VibrationCap Framework. This Framework contains hardware and software for building up haptic displays (vibration based) for high sensitive upper body parts and the hands, namely the head, the neck, the chest and the hands. The Framework’s hardware uses ERM actuators and custom build high-performance drivers. The embedded system can be fully controlled via BLE from e.g. a phone or a computer. The Framework enables setting up new haptic displays within a week, while several cups, scarfs, gloves and shirts are used for instant experimentation and student projects. Meanwhile >100 projects (student and PhD) have been build using this platform. The Framework is also used in commercial projects.
    • Rüttelflug Framework. This Framework contains hardware, software and application for building haptic displays for the arm. The Framework is used in sports applications and shares some hardware components with the VibrationCap Framework
    • ProximiytHat Framework. This Framework contains hardware and software for building up pressure sensation haptic displays. The Framework is not in active development anymore, but available for projects.
  • Sensor Frameworks
    • AURA: The AURA Framework is a medical sensor framework for head based attachment. It contains a unique patent-protected breathing sensor as well as a combination of further sensors such as miniaturized sensors for ECG, EEG. EMG, SpO2 and movement in a very wearable device. The Framework contains an set of tools for rapid application development (mainly Android and iOS based) and data analytics components (back end) as well as a miniaturized hardware platform for head based attachment.
    • The Earables Framework. This software framework connects to various existing earable sensor systems, retrieves real time data streams and analyses them. The framework enables rapid prototyping of wearables based on sensor data retrieve from the ear.
    • The BPart series of small devices are BLE driven tiny components for direct embedding into objects and clothing and are used as building blocks for rapid development of wearables.
      Wearable User Interfaces
    • The Koordinator Wearable User interface (depreciated)
    • The AR-Sensors Augmented Reality Framework for augmenting data streams over the objects in the reality for Smartphones, tablets and AR-glasses. The Framework is used in various projects, including industrial projects (e.g. Aletheia)
  • Wearable Technology and Material
    • SecondSkin Framework. This Framework consists of TPU and PDMS based material and printed circuits that can be used for experimental setups to test novel sensors and actuators that are highly flexible and directly attached on the skin.
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