AI driven autocalibration of a heterogeneous sensor network

Environmental sensors must be calibrated regularly in order to correctly take into account construction-related and external influences in the interpretation of the raw data and to correct them accordingly. Only then can any meaning be ascribed to the measurement data. Low-cost sensors are preferably used in Citizen Science applications, whereby a lengthy calibration with an more…

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Digital Hub SBH

DIGITAL HUB SBH Baden-Württemberg established ten digital hubs and 3 subject-specific digital hubs. The St. Georgener Technology Center (TZ) is the physical contact point of the “Digital Hub SBH” consortium – the regional digital hub for the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg (SBH) region, of which the KIT is a member. The KIT maintains a branch office – more…

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Promotionskolleg „MERAGEM“ accepted. @tecoKIT researches here on #DataAnalytics for #PrintedElectronics.

Promotionskolleg „MERAGEM“ accepted. @tecoKIT researches here on #DataAnalytics for #PrintedElectronics.

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